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[Application] Basic/Mads

Post  Basic on Sun 23 Sep - 14:53

*Pseudo: Mads
*License: s2
*License name: madseu
*Name: Mads Nilsen
*Sex: Male
*Old: 15
*Country: Norway
*Job/Study: I go in the last grade of the school befor i can choose what I want to studdy. And I dont have a job.
*Hobbies: LFS and be with friends.
*Skype: Madseu
*Gears: Wheel (logitech momo)
*Why do you want do join the team: Thinke the team sound's very good and the people in the team sounds nice. And I would like to make some new friends. I was in some teams befor (half a year ago) but then i did quit playing lfs and now i want to share my drifting with a new team and new people.Wink


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Re: [Application] Basic/Mads

Post  luffydu35 on Fri 28 Sep - 16:16

Welcome there
I'm sorry but the team is full for the moment
Thanks to applied there

Enjoy & Drift

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